1000 Main

Transwestern has a history of operating some of the most energy efficient, sustainable properties in the country.


1000 Main In order to continue providing leading-edge sustainability solutions, we have created our Standards of Sustainability, which uphold our corporate goal to provide sustainable, measurable standard operating procedures.

1000 Main is certified LEED GOLD under LEED® for Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance™. We offer building occupants the following sustainable amenities.

ENERGY STAR benchmarking - Allows the building management team to quickly identify any fluctuations in gas, electricity or water and remedy the issue immediately, thereby avoiding any increased utility usage and expense.

Green Cleaning Protocols. By implementing green cleaning practices, building occupants have a reduced exposure to hazardous chemicals and biological and particulate contaminants. While green cleaning is cost neutral, the benefits to employees, building occupants and the custodial team is boundless.

Sustainable Purchasing - By adhering to an Environmentally Preferable Purchasing policy that addresses ongoing consumables, durable goods, facility alterations and additions, and reduced mercury in lamps, allow 1000 Main to reduce the impact of materials used in the operation and maintenance of the building.

Monthly Communication - Through newsletters, lobby placards, building website, and other media outlets, 1000 Main strives to engage building occupants through education and training regarding the importance of recycling, energy efficiency, water use reduction and the building’s policies and procedures.

Solid Waste Management Policy Includes: ongoing consumables, such as paper, glass, plastic and office supplies; durable goods like furniture and electronic goods; batteries and light bulbs; and facility alterations and additions for construction debris. Clearly marked recycling containers are located in 1000 Main.

Indoor Air Quality - 1000 Main has established guidelines to manage all significant pollutant sources, including remodeling and renovations and pest control, and the Indoor Air Quality is inspected periodically.